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Jerome Ringo calls for a transformation from Activist to Action

Mr. Ringo will be a featured speaker at the 2019 ReArctic Conference and will bring his message of achieving environmental justice through building diverse coalitions. While many advocate for change, Mr. Ringo is a catalyst for action as he works tirelessly to underscore how the regions of the world are interconnected environmentally, and must collaborate to reduce emissions and implement clean, renewable energy solutions. He, himself, is actively leading in several current efforts to advance this very agenda.

The conference theme of “As goes the arctic, so goes the world” is unequivocally aligned with Mr. Ringo’s inspirational campaign for action on the environmental issues that impact us all. It is no longer enough to voice concerns over the threats facing our shared planet, and Mr. Ringo will issue a ringing call to leave advocacy behind and fill the stark need for direct involvement.

About Jerome Ringo

Jerome Ringo is the founder and chairman of Zoetic Energy, a leading edge renewable energy developer. Zoetic is the culmination of Mr. Ringo’s life’s long work to promote sustainable development through the use of clean technology solution. He is an internationally recognized thought leader on global environmental issues and has led two of the largest environmental organizations in the world, the 6 million member National Wildlife Federation and the Apollo Alliance, which was a 19 million member organization during his tenure.

After years of advocacy work, Mr. Ringo saw the stark need for direct involvement. The needs in the developing world were so pressing, that he formed Zoetic to directly tackle issues such as energy security. Today, Mr. Ringo draws on an international network to bring best-in-class technology solutions to leaders in the developing world. He has formed a diverse team with broad experience in renewable energy solutions as well as development work in Africa, India, Asia and Latin America.

As climate change has moved to the forefront in development discussions after COP 21, Mr. Ringo offers a unique perspective based on his years in the oil and gas industry, environmental advocacy and now renewable energy development.