Zoetic Leadership

Zoetic Global Leadership & Advisory Board


Jerome Ringo

Founder & Chairman

Charlene Gruhn

Chief Operating Officer

Chun Pong Ng

Senior VP, Technology

Togbe Afede XIV

Director, Zoetic Power Ghana

David West

Advisory Board Member

Bracken Hendricks

Advisory Board Member

Duni Hebron

Advisory Board Member

Jeremy Symons

Advisory Board Member

Mitchell Rabin

Associate VP, Business Development

Michael Peters

SVP, Sales & Marketing

Aron Dutta

Global Head of Zoetic Blockchain and Digital Ventures

Raul E. Arrondo

VP - Water & Power

Robert L. Ford, Ph.D

Advisory Board Member

Les Stansbery


Dr. Edward  J. Valeau

Advisory Board Member

David Ackerman

Advisory Board Member




U.S.-based Zoetic Global deploys innovative clean technologies that address the most serious challenges around energy, water and food security. Our portfolio consists of solutions that are innovative, impactful and immediate.

Zoetic believes in the necessity of a balance between renewable energy and energy efficiency. Both are essential to dealing with the challenges of climate, but efficiency can provide accelerated benefits. While capacity comes online, grid relief, energy savings and emissions reduction can result from aggressive efficiency campaigns by both public and private entities.