Mitchell Rabin

Mitchell Rabin is founder, president and CEO of A Better World Foundation, a non-
profit organization which uses media, communications and social enterprise with
the mission to inspire leaders for establishing a healthier, more sustainable,
prosperous world. His radio and TV programs focus on solutions to create a better
world and the work of the sung and unsung heroes of our society.
Mitchell has a 25+ year background in consulting to or co-founding start-ups in the
renewable energy, green and health sectors with social enterprise values and
multiple bottom-lines as guide. In each, Mitchell was part of strategic planning,
business development, messaging, marketing and sales domestically and
internationally. Mitchell has spoken internationally, has MC’d international
conferences and has moderated panels at the U.N. and elsewhere.
Mitchell holds a B.A. from Bard College, an M.A. from Antioch in Psychology and a
series of certifications in communications and stress management.
Mitchell is a writer and editor with chapters in several books and was invited to
write for the Huffington Post by Arianna Huffington. He has utilized these skills in
each business in which has been involved since the early 1990’s additional to
mediation, management and negotiation skills.
Mitchell is VP on the Board of Directors of a U.N. NGO, Institute for Global
Education and Advisory Boards of Partnerships for Change, the World Water
Rescue Foundation and All-Faiths Seminary.
Mitchell is a systems thinker and a passionate environmentalist & entrepreneur
who has brought these together for decades.