Maggie Fox

Board of Directors

Maggie L. Fox serves organizations, foundations, and governments in the development and implementation of 21 st century strategies with an emphasis on
climate change, biodiversity, clean energy and narrative creation. She is currently the Founder of the Global Biodiversity Narrative Project. Previously Maggie served as President and CEO of the Climate Reality Project and the Climate Action Fund, international campaigns that develop citizen activists into leaders demanding global climate action.She is a veteran leader of numerous local, state, national and international policy, political and legal campaigns.

Prior to Climate Reality, Maggie was the national President of America Votes as well as Deputy Executive Director of the Sierra Club. Maggie currently serves on the boards of the Green Fund, the Alliance for Climate Education, Mad Agriculture, The Outdoor Policy Project and Colorado State University School of Global Environmental Sustainability.  She is the recipient of numerous leadership awards in the environment, energy and climate change arenas. Maggie began her career as a classroom teacher and community organizer on the Navajo and Hopi Reservations.

In addition to a Masters in Education, Maggie is an attorney specializing in environmental and Native American natural resources law. An avid outdoorswoman, Maggie worked with both the North Carolina and Colorado Outward Bound Schools and was a member of numerous mountaineering and other outdoor expeditions around the world.