Zoetic Projects

Zoetic is developing a global portfolio with a special emphasis on deployments in the developing world. Our HVAC/refrigerant projects are underway in Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East. The interest in immediate cost savings solutions as well as emissions reductions has resonated with governments and corporations alike.

With our global partners, Zoetic is also developing renewable energy projects utilizing leading edge hydrokinetic technology as well as wind and solar. These are being deployed in Europe, India, Africa and the United States.


U.S.-based Zoetic Global deploys innovative clean technologies that address the most serious challenges around energy, water and food security. Our portfolio consists of solutions that are innovative, impactful and immediate.

Zoetic believes in the necessity of a balance between renewable energy and energy efficiency. Both are essential to dealing with the challenges of climate, but efficiency can provide accelerated benefits. While capacity comes online, grid relief, energy savings and emissions reduction can result from aggressive efficiency campaigns by both public and private entities.