About Zoetic

Zoetic Energy is a project developer utilizing hydrokinetic turbines to generate substantial power in rapid fashion. Our focus is to capture the enormous amount of potential energy in the outflow area of dams.  We leverage existing infrastructure and bring additive power online without further societal or environmental harm.

Zoetic means, “of or pertaining to life.” It embodies the life’s work of its Founder and Chairman, Jerome Ringo. Jerome has been a leader in the environmental movement for decades.  Zoetic reflects his shift from advocacy to action, driven by a belief that solutions exist for the world’s big problems.

icon-energyHydrokinetic Solutions

Access to electricity is paramount to economic growth and a better quality of life.  Zoetic is utilizing hydrokinetic turbines which capture significant energy from the outflow of hydro dams. Zoetic can deliver additional generation without additional infrastructure and any further environmental or societal impact. The hydrokinetic units are modular units which can be rapidly deployed to reduce development times. Today, Zoetic is actively involved in bringing these turbines to the developing world.

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